Lapangan Bulu Tangkis 5E (GBK Arena)

Deskripsi :

Badminton Field 5E Gelora Bung Karno is one part of GBK Arena that already uses international standard sizes for Badminton (13,4 x 6,1 meters). GBK Arena is located in the prime area and very strategic place. The field is already equipped with supporting facilities, such as musholla, AC, and toilets. 

Tipe :


Hubungi :

02129888555 ext. 7000

Daftar Jadwal :

Kapasitas :

Total Pemesanan :

2.4 K

Ukuran :

P. 13,4 meters x L. 6,1 meters

Kategori :

Bulu Tangkis

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    Yusmawan Eka Graha

    03 November 2021 00:39:11

    “Good venue. But need notification if book time is nearly over. Also, when we booked till 10 PM and they decide to turn off all lighting/lamp after the game. GBK should provide at least sufficient lighting to let players pack up their belongings after the game and leave the badminton hall. Vending machines are always empty. Kindly fix these issues and I will give 5 star :)“

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