Masjid Al Bina

Deskripsi :

Al Bina mosque is a mosque consisting of 2 floors where the upper floors specifically for places of worship and lower floors besides worship can be used as multipurpose buildings (halls). This mosque is strategically located in Senayan with easy access. This mosque is dominated by blue and the floors are covered in marble. The supporting facilities contained in the mosque and the hall are dressing rooms, pantry rooms, full AC, sound system plus 2 microphone mono, toilets, parking. (This price exclude tax and other expenses)

Tipe :


Hubungi :

081282504485 (Ibu dewi)

Daftar Jadwal :

Kapasitas :

500 s/d 750 orang

Total Pemesanan :


Ukuran :

25 x 36 m

Kategori :


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