Lapangan Hoki 2

Deskripsi :

Hockey field 2 (near JCC) has an area of 6,755.8 square meters with 208 FOP lamp lighting. This hockey field is international standard, coated with synthetic carpet and equipped with other supporting facilities, such as player’s changing rooms, office spaces, toilets, and mosque, management room, and CCTV Control Room. Gelora Bung Karno Hockey Field has been certified by the International Hockey Federation (FIH).

Tipe :


Hubungi :

021 - 29888555 Ext. 7000

Daftar Jadwal :

Kapasitas :

818 seats

Total Pemesanan :

1.5 K

Ukuran :

P. 100 Meters x L. 63 Meters

Kategori :


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       Untuk pembelian tiket track bisa dilakukan di tempat di Pintu Kuning
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    Roma Ariand

    21 October 2023 19:39:56



    Etha Ballantyne

    12 October 2023 16:06:12



    Kenneth Raymond Allan

    23 December 2021 11:28:37

    “Please fix the netting/fence behind the goals at the Rugby pitch end. A person walking past might get injured as there are too many holes in the netting on both sides of the goals.
    I appreciate you need the money (presumably for maintenance which you clearly don't do), but you rent the pitches (hockey and others) to kids who have no discipline and break things, leave a mess, unsupervised. It's often a mess, well below the standards that should be set.“



    20 December 2020 22:03:30




    20 December 2020 22:03:11

    “Lapangan Mantap, pelayanan Ramah“

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