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  • Feedback of GBK Customer
    Kenneth Raymond Allan
    30 May 2019 01:27:54

    Tonight there was a massive event in GBK. You should tell the people that have booked (they are locked in) how they can access the facilities you have rented to them. It disingenuous to accept the money knowing that the venue is virtually inaccessible. Get some integrity you guys !
    Alma Permana Wiriamanggala
    13 August 2019 15:55:49

    Huge and nice carpet!
    Kenneth Raymond Allan
    17 October 2019 11:11:18

    On Saturday 12 Oct it became quite dark and despite the assurances from your Admin staff that, because we pay the same rate for a Saturday afternoon as we do for a Wednesday underlights, the lights can be turned on - no lights were turned on, so we were forced to finalise the game against DKI Jakarta Putra in the fading light, making it somewhat dangerous.
    There is now a funfus quite evident on both pitches - a golden bloom of algae/fungus/growth. Your staff say there is a plan to clean/fix it, but nothing has been done for the several months the fungus has been evident. We are told the special cleaning machine that was purchased to clean the pitches … has no 'oil'. Incompetence at its best.
    19 February 2020 08:35:38

    lapangan bagus tetapi ruang ganti 1 ACnya tidak berfungsi, mohon diperbaiki. terimakasih
    12 February 2020 21:01:49

    Lapangan Bagus
    13 February 2020 20:13:13

    Semua Ok
    Raymond Gerungan
    26 February 2020 22:12:06

    Field was in perfect condition and ready exactly on time

    Hockey field 2 (near JCC) has an area of 6,755.8 square meters with 208 FOP lamp lighting. This hockey field is international standard, coated with synthetic carpet and equipped with other supporting facilities, such as player’s changing rooms, office spaces, toilets, and mosque, management room, and CCTV Control Room. Gelora Bung Karno Hockey Field has been certified by the International Hockey Federation (FIH).

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