Lapangan Basket Indoor (GBK Arena)

Description :

Indoor basketball field in GBK Arena is an indoor basketball field that located in 8th floor of GBK Arena building. The size of this field is 28 meters long and 15 meters wide (international standard). This field is equipped with many facilities, such as changing room, toilet, praying room, and AC.

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4.6 K

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Category :

Basket ball

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       You can purchase track tickets on the spot at Pintu Kuning
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    Seno aji kowara

    27 December 2022 13:39:00



    Indra Dharma

    17 December 2021 23:52:37

    “Some floors are not even, other than that it's all good! “


    Sigit Sugiantoro

    26 November 2021 14:04:22

    “good court“


    Agust leonardo

    30 April 2021 09:20:15

    “Lagi proses ganti baju saat kelar game..lampu2 tiba2 dimatikan..“


    Thomas Armandarma

    05 January 2021 12:42:49


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