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  • Feedback of GBK Customer
    Timotius Tarigan
    21 August 2019 09:49:30

    AC terlalu dingin
    Timotius Tarigan
    21 August 2019 09:50:08

    AC terlalu dingin
    iyan rusdiyanto
    19 November 2019 08:09:04

    cool match with a good pitch and good lighting
    Yuwono Pranata
    25 November 2019 20:29:47

    Should provide beverages stall or water station
    boy bariadi leksono
    13 February 2020 08:31:11

    nice badminton field

    Badminton Field 5A Gelora Bung Karno is one part of GBK Arena that already using international standard sizes for Badminton (13,4 x 6,1 meters). GBK Arena is located in the prime area and very strategic place. The field is already equipped with supporting facilities, such as musholla, AC, and toilets. 

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