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  • Feedback of GBK Customer
    Kenneth Raymond Allan
    11 April 2019 12:16:28

    Tadi malam ada tai kucing di lapangan. Biasanya (kalua tidak ada hujan untuk bantukan jetpump) lapangannya terlalu kering, waktu untuk siram air terlalu pendek. Jam dinding tidak befungsi. Bola sering keluar lapangan dibawa pagar !
    Kenneth Raymond Allan
    29 April 2019 12:35:57

    The confirmation of recervation and later of payment cannot simply be printed - the "paid" and "GBK" logo's are too large. I have to copy to Word shrink the logo's and print. Not great for a "paperless" booking service.
    Kenneth Raymond Allan
    06 May 2019 12:07:17

    The hockey ball often rolls out under the fence, meaning time is lost and people have to jump the fence to retrieve the ball. The clock does not work.
    Kenneth Raymond Allan
    27 May 2019 11:36:15

    The clock still doesn't work (so start and end time, half time - all had to be worked out); watering of the pitch was too short and the pitch was not wet enough for good ball movement; we lost 2 hockey balls (Kookaburra Elite, Rp200k each) as they rolled under the fence and kids signing up for ASIOP probably grabbed them.
    Herwin Sinaga
    10 September 2019 08:20:46

    Characa Rosandi
    06 December 2019 12:07:56

    Great quality court, but a few caveats: The toilet was locked because it was busted so we used the one in the field next to us; and the sprinklers went off 3 minutes before our designated time, and it kept going for a while and we couldnt use the court until probably 8:10 which means we lost 10 minutes
    Kenneth Raymond Allan
    19 December 2019 11:59:33

    The toilets for Pitch 1 were closed/locked before we finished playing at 10pm and people had to change clothes in the open. Whilst the toilets at Pitch 2 were still open, not everyone wanted to walk that far and they should not have to.
    09 January 2020 11:37:45

    Semoga ada diskon sewa lapangan. Lapangan oke, air minum oke.

    Hockey field 1 (near beach volley field) is an international standard area of 6.755,8 square meters with 208 FOP lamp lighting. This hockey field is international standard, coated with synthetic carpet and equipped with other supporting facilities, such as player’s changing rooms, office spaces, toilets, and mosque, management room, and CCTV Control Room. Gelora Bung Karno Hockey Field has been certified by the International Hockey Federation (FIH).


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