Lapangan Softball 2

Description :

Softball Field 2 in GBK area is the biggest and newest softball field in Indonesia which is already using international standard (16,76 -18,29 m). Also this is the only one softball field which is located in prime and strategic area in Jakarta (near highroad Gatot Subroto-Sudirman). The type of grass used for baseball field is natural grass named Zoysia japonica, the best international standard natural grass.This field is equipped with tribune, toilet and praying room. 

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Call Center :

0811-1463-706 / 0816-1922-533 / 0821-1293-6015

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Capacity :

Total Booking :

2.1 K

Size :

P: 16,76 - L: 18,29

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       You can purchase track tickets on the spot at Pintu Kuning
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    Muhammad Fauzan Dzulqarnain

    22 December 2022 21:49:49


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