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  • Feedback of GBK Customer
    Christophe Piganiol
    11 June 2019 10:10:23

    Very good facility.
    But need to have better access earlier and later than game time for changing room lights and everything.
    Also need the price to be slightly more reasonable... around 350 would be good value
    Vania Ariyani
    21 July 2019 13:51:40

    masih bersih... semoga kebersihannya terjaga terus ya! dengan fee sewa yang ga murah juga, sesuai dengan yang di dapatkan sekarang.
    Renie Septiaty
    19 August 2019 14:31:05

    Keep up the good work
    Rina sulistyani
    10 September 2019 10:44:56

    Nice !!
    jesslyn wei
    01 November 2019 01:35:23

    cara booking sudah bagus, tapi bola selalu nyangkut di rel lapangan dan tidak bisa di ambil
    Hera Andrayani
    15 January 2020 10:02:59

    Great venue! Will surely come again!
    Monalisa Nggilu
    24 February 2020 10:44:32

    The court was good. But please do cleaning the floor. Thank you

    Squash Field 2 at Gelora Bung Karno is the only squash field in Indonesia that already using international standard (9,75 m x 6,4 m) and located in strategic and prime area in Jakarta. This field is equipped with changing room, bathroom, AC, and toilet.

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